While Donald Trump says more testing for the virus (and social distancing during the tests) is only causing the Coronavirus to spread even more, Trump is obviously not helping to reduce the spread by having rallies, Amirite?

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what about the protests? why don;t you go after those? its your side holding those protests. and its your gods the doctors who are approving the protests and allowing them to happen. if your side can protest and get government/doctor approval, then their is no more social distancing no more lockdown, we are DONE, FINISHED screw you fascist dictators

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The governors who locked down their states - who took away a 77 year old man's barber license because he wanted to stay open, but not only allowed the riots, burning, looting, violent protests and marched with them, didn't exactly reduce the spread. Now, that same governor and many others are wanting federal tax dollars.

That’s right, blame it on Trump, what’s new?

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@DandyDon Okay Larry.

Larry! That's Fine with me hehe smilie.

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