If a teleportation device gets invented, roads and cars will become extinct, and jobs in those fields will be lost, causing another great depression, amirite?

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Then they move those jobs to teleportation, obviously.

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Have you ever seen the old movie "the fly". Yeah watch it

Are your teleportation devices the ones that a) go from one fixed (and probably expensive device) to one other device or b) go from anywhere to anywhere (like Star Trek)? If a), that means that I'll be reliant on some service to teleport me and I'll probably have to walk/bike/drive there. For local trips <100mi it's probably not worth it. I'll just drive thanks.

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Luckily (unluckily?) such device probably won't exist in my lifetime.

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Those jobs will be replaced by autonomous self driving vehicles long before we have the technology to teleport.

Well the way to power the teleportation is gonna cost lots. We're not powering a lightbulb, we're powering a device that can transfer matter to another place. Also much testing would probably need to be done for it to be safe, organic testing, primate testing. This would be a very great challenge for thinkers all over the globe