If yawns were really contagious, babies would yawn when they witness someone else yawning. amirite?

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Isn't it odd this "anonymous" post has three comments from three "different" accounts who all have 0 followers and the same 2 achievements earnt (sic).

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Whether you yawn or not when you see someone else yawning is linked to the level of empathy you feel. Some people yawn when they see strangers yawning but others only yawn when they see their close family or friends yawning.
Children don't start to yawn when they see other people yawn until they are about 4.
Psychopaths don't ever yawn when they see other people yawning.

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They do...

@DrFetusRN They do...

Nope, tried it on a couple yesterday.

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@Unaviable You tried yawning on a baby?

Yup that's 100% what I meant

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@Yup that's 100% what I meant

I think it wouldn't work the same as a normal person is because maybe their brains aren't as developed yet or something