If we introduced sharks to kids the way we do dinosaurs, maybe sharks wouldn't be demonized as much. amirite?

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What about:" Baby shark doo doo doo doo"...

Statistics show that sharks are way more likely to kill you than dinosaurs.

@craysus True, but coconuts are more dangerous then sharks

Cows are surprisingly more dangerous than sharks and dinosaurs combined, but less deadly than toddlers with guns. We live in a crazy world.

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@craysus True, but coconuts are more dangerous then sharks

cows have killed more people then dinasaurs

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Yes, except that sharks could legit eat them, dinosaurs aren't around to do that. I absolutely do not agree with shark culling at all, but as an Australian who grew up on the coast, I can attest to the fact that kids do need to know about them and be weary.

I'm sorry, have you not heard of baby shark? Can't get that freaking song out of my head, it's everywhere

Obviously this guy hasn't been around a single child since Baby Shark came out...

I'm pretty sure that if dinosaurs existed today, humans would have no problem demonizing them... even more so than sharks

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Sharks are demonized due to the way they look, besides we play in their world, so player beware. We have no right to punish them for the occasional lost limb or human

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Humans kill sharks more than sharks kill humans.

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