Theres currently a strange phenomena when people refuse to accept i am agreeing with them..maybe its my colorful words or my normal sarcastic nature...people ignore the actual words coming out if my mouth, cutting me off and replying with their predetermined statement after assuming my point... Certain topics trigger this , as if there is no point discussing because you know my point of view... ...i only can confirm this happening as i find myself in arguements with certain people who i agree with, amirite?

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This is what BLM are about ,made by the Democrats and encouraged by the Democrats, to do what they do.
You won’t see this on MSM because it doesn’t fit their narrative.
Black lives only matter to MSM when it envolves a white person.
Can’t start a race war showing black people killing each other.
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Some people are just bitter as a lemon..
Like the ones that will downvote me..... just for saying that.

Thats okay with me because you need lemons to make lemonade.

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