Unless you're fully naked, the laundry is never done. amirite?

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Thanks to the national cosplay boom, I can now comfortably go out in public wearing nothing but Walmart bags and pizza boxes.

This is an annoying true fact.

I don't wash my clothes.

I have been cursed with this knowledge


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Close your eyes family. Daddy has to put in the last load.

My laundry always get done.

If I'm fully naked my kids are still getting spaghetti sauce on their 5th princess costume today

Unless you wear someone else's clothes

Me: enters washing machine fully clothed

@Mariahmcmuffin Me: enters washing machine fully clothed

Me: enters fully clothed washing machine.

This is where the fun begins

I only do my laundry while naked for this very reason. I'm not too popular at the laundromat tho'.

Welp. Laundry's done. ;)

and your laundry is always done if you're always naked

Now I remember one episode of Mr. Bean went naked on laundry 😅

... But everyone knows that there is always a red sock sneaking around so that it can jump into your whites and turn them all pink. The movies say so, and therefore it is the truth!

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