Trump is a good president, amirite?

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He's a POS

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What country are you from? We have no intention on going back suga.

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You're saying you are a superior to "others". Btw, your comment had nothing to do with the post. I asked in reference to the silly comment you made about the orange one staying in power until he croaks.

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So, complete bs.

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Look at how much democrats hate and lie about him, that tells you everything.

They're so concerned about trying to get him out of office, since day one, that's all they've been worried about.

So worried about doing that, they never worried about showing voters, anything with any substance of what they are going to do if elected,, well, I guess non verbally, they have.
They've shown if elected, they'll get rid of the police, have total chaos, let rioters do as they please etc.
Demos actually believe this is what most Americans (oops, didn't mean to offend you demos) want.

They're so smug and arrogant, they haven't learned anything from the silent majority, from when they ran Hillary.
So they just throw slow Joe in as their presidential candidate.

They'll believe their MSM polls all the way up until election(Same as they did to them with Hillary), telling them that slow Joe is a sure win.
Then at the end of the night, it'll be tears, followed by conspiracy theories.

Sorry demos, your sorry old plan of calling everyone, who isn't a demo, a racist, just isn't working.
Matter of fact, it's back firing on you.

Trump 2020

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