The divorce rate amongst pairs of socks is high. However it is much higher if the house where they live is also populated with children. amirite?

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I'm 54 and have not once in my life lost one sock, I do not understand how this is possible at the rate that seems to be the case for most people.

@Mcgee0 Have you ever lived with a significant other? If you have, they know.

For 5 or 6 years total since I was 20 I have had a SO and I know that there was never a sock missing that was mine in those years, rest of the time I have lived alone, and even for the 5-6 years I did most of the laundry.

@MS0410 They should have married you.

Only based on the fact that I did some laundry?

Most of the time I had a job that left me with more spare time then my SO, and me not being an asshole I did my part in the house. I think that was only a minimum of effort on my part.

wonder how many have been widowed by my dryer

No. It is much higher in a house that has a dryer.

@Ggezpzmuppy No. It is much higher in a house that has a dryer.

I don't have a dryer or kids and I swear I'm no better off than anyone

The divorce rate amongst most pairs of things are higher when they are with children tbh

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I love the wording of your text, the divorce rate...Hahahaha, true, though, true.

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Wont somebody please think of the children!

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