Core beliefs create our reality, our foundation. amirite?

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Yes, our core beliefs drive our choices and behavior, which in aggregate forms major aspects of the world we inhabit. If, for example, you live in a society that is strongly Christian, it's going to be a much different place than if it's strongly atheistic, like under marxist regimes. We know this from current and historical examples. The Christian society will tend to have reasonable laws, fairly enforced, and the public will have a high degree of respect for the law and those tasked with enforcing it. A society of people doing good to others purely for the sake of being good and doing good. Believing that God is always watching and judging, they try to live above reproach.

In contrast, a marxist society will tend to have arbitrary laws which are widely disregarded by the public and selectively enforced, usually on anyone who speaks ill of the government or runs afoul of some official, fails to pay the right bribe, competes with the wrong business, etc. So the public will be afraid of the legal system, but it's not a state of affairs that inspires genuine respect. Without belief in God, people operate solely on the laws of man, laws which can be broken without consequence as long as you're not caught. This leads to corruption at every level of society as people take whatever advantage they can get away with. To combat this, the government always looks for new ways to watch what people are doing and keep them in line, like China's social credit system. So you end up with a public that tends to be corrupt and a government that tends to be tyrannical.

Belief systems have a profound effect on the world that we inhabit, few things have a greater impact on reality, both for the individual and society as a whole.

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