It's sad that the silent majority who don't agree with the leftists and socialists, decide to stay silent because if they spoke out they'd be demonized. amirite?

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if you say so. chew smilie

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In the end, the only thing that matters is when you vote.

If a demo constantly trying to call you a racist, showing exactly how they would get rid of the police, let terrorist gangs run around, destroying and killing, all supported by the demos, makes you want to vote for Joe Biden ("You ain't black"), you have a screw loose, well, you're a hardcore demo.

People on the left are leaving the left because they're turning into stark raving lunatics.
For one, any sane person, doesn't want to defund and have less police force.
The people that are for defunding the police are these demo cities, with demo idiots in charge, who should one day do prison time, for deliberately refusing to protect their citizens, allowing lives and businesses to be destroyed, telling the police to stand down.

Silent majority will show demos, they have been digging their own grave.

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Image in content

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I just have to breathe for that to happen to me hehe smilie

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