"Boys" usually precede "girls" but "ladies" usually precede "gentlemen.", amirite?

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Ladies first!

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Often in the same sentence

Men and women

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It's so people can do the stupid "ladies first" joke holding open doors

Mom and dad

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hoes and bros

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@hoes and bros

Bros before hoes. Unless you're a pimp, in which case it's hoes for doughs

And "ladies and gentlemen" precedes "boys and girls"

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Bitch and bastard

@MS0410 Bitch and bastard

A true bastard you are

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It's all in how far the mouth has to move as to which is said first and second. "And L...." has more mouth movement than "And G..." assuming a soft G that is. Same with "And B..." being easier than "And G (hard G)."

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