People always think that there could be another civilization out there in the universe that is more civilized and advanced that we are, but there is always the chance that we are that other civilization, and the people of the other civilization think about us, amirite?

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Yea, we could be the lucky planet. We have had several close calls recently (1000 years is recent in geological time) where we have nearly destroyed civilization or extincted ourselves. All other planets might not have been so lucky and might be stuck with unintelligent, nonsocial, non space faring, non exploring, low tech species. But then they probably wouldn't even have the imagination to dream us up.

I think it all about timing...sure with all the time in the universe there will be other civilizations but i dout in the same time line... Beings come and go...with all the destruction in space life must be more versatile then we think ... Even after our solar system collapses it will use exactly the same ingredients and start over... Everything that is possible has already happened in the universe and has been destroyed and recreated...probably you too

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