One of the most amazing sensations in life is when you lift an object that is extremely light when you were expecting it to be very heavy. amirite?

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Me when I pick up my husky who is basically just all fur. As my nibblings would say "she's thick but shes faking it"

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Now transfer this sensation to riding different sized (and weight) BMX bikes and JUMPING.

I once tried lifting some sort of lead roll thinking it was gray duck tape. Very weird feeling

Like the feeling you get when you pull a door open as someone pushes it open from the other side.

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....or thinking that there's one more step when walking up or down the stairs.

That's me when I pick up a milk jug. I think it's heavy but it's almost empty and my hand shoots up

Except for when your expectation leads you to use the entirety of your strength resulting in you hitting yourself in the face.

Idk man, that usually leads to me accidentally punching myself in the face or yeeting the object into the stratosphere.
Maybe I'm just uncoordinated.

Or when you suddenly step off a unexpected step and you feel like you're falling off a cliff for a split second o_O

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