If Supermans' ship had landed in the ocean instead of Kansas, he would have been really strong Aquaman, amirite?

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Wonder if Aquaman stinks like raw fish?

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Landing in the ocean means baby Kal would probably never have seen a ray of sunlight before he drowned or died of starvation. (Assuming he's didn't hit any rays on entry)

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Aquaman can be stronger than Superman depending which DCU Aquaman you take.
He's actually one of the strongest and coolest superheroes in the DCU.

@Water-into-weed his most know power is talking to fish

Yeah but that's only the version of him from this weird Aquaman series from the 70's.
The normal version can't do that.
They can only control them and don't forget in the DC universe there are not only the animals we know living in the ocean.
And on land is he still very strong.
He's like Superman just without the flying and with more muscle power.

@Nick2005 His trident is magic too right? The one thing other than kryptonite that can hurt Supe

Not magic.
You could say his race makes him so strong and he got one of the powerful weapons in the DCU.

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