Thinking about 2 legends from different music genres who can hold their weight in pills. Who could do the most hard drugs and still be standing? Ozzy Osbourne or Lil Wayne, amirite?

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Keith Richards just plucks and chuckles.

Def Ozzy

This isn't even a question. Ozzy.

But even more than Ozzy, I think Keith Richards.

@Longsanks But who can go harder than Keith Richards?🤔

Maybe Betty White. Maybe. But that's a tough call. I think that's the end of that list, though.

@Longsanks "Betty White's rules for life: Don't do drugs and stay off that smartphone!"

Love that lady. Have you seen pics of her when she was young? She was a smokeshow.

Ozzy 100% that man snorts lines of ants!

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Ozzy: Doctors have literally said the amount of drugs he did would have killed a normal man, but he has a DNA mutation that's kept him alive.

That said, Ozzy is older now. At his current age he might lose, but at his prime, the man could outlast the devil

Honourable mention too to Jason Pierce (Jason Spaceman) from Spiritualized and Spaceman 3. Has easily given Ozzy a run for his money.

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