If you keep a coin in your pocket, you could scratch your balls using the pocket and then take the coin out afterwards to act like you were looking for the coin. amirite?

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You are a life saver thank you for being born


Doesn't explain the cocking of the leg and the grunting.

Its pocket monopoly

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when you reach to scratch your balls, the future is in your hands

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Nice! But don't use too many coins. The sound might tip them off.

iTz_MrsPoPos avatar iTz_MrsPoPo Yeah You Are +5Reply

Haha! Then say "Ah, there it is!" And put it straight back.

Vindicare-jjls avatar Vindicare-jjl Yeah You Are +4Reply

Hey that's pretty good

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Trust me, we all know you are scratching your balls

Nickyikkys avatar Nickyikky Yeah You Are +2Reply
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