Somehow people feel sorry for the failing hospitals and " can understand " why an american doctor would disgrace the Hippocratic oath to collect 13,000$ ( on false diagnoses) in disaster relef all while charging up tp 30000$ to birth a baby, amirite?

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Big Food and Pharma have doctors by the genitals.

Fact, if you have diabetes, 9 and a half out of 10 doctors are going to prescribe a diet for you, that will consist of foods you shouldn't be eating.

Why? , because they don't want to lose the "donations" made to them, from Big Food and Pharma.

So they give you a diet that consists of the Frankenfoods made by Big Food, which does nothing good for you.
It does something good for them, they get you to eat those Frankenfoods, which in turn, makes you need to take more (Big Pharma) Insulin and other drugs.

Equals, happy donors and happy stockholders.

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@Toounknown Diet coke

Yea and regular isn't really any better, might as well take some battery acid, add some sugar to it and drink that.

I'm not advising anyone to do that, so don't blame me

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