Liberals embraced Obama and other leaders but Conservatives show no love for their own. Ever noticed all their postings are slams at the other side? Guess they have no one to admire. amirite?

99%Yeah You Are1%No Way
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You embraced Obama, even Stevie Wonder could see that, without any help.
Liberals embraced other leaders?....You mean, like exactly the way, they embrace Trump, right now?.....
That's just a dilusional and self soothing statement.

Ever notice if Conservatives post something, no matter what, the demos TDS is so off the charts, they wont believe it, no matter what it is because MSM has convinced them that Trump is the evil devil hitler racist blah blah blah.

I could probably, slowly start forgetting about it but I keep getting reminded to continue, when I see all of those thumbs up, please continue signs( I think you call them downvotes)if you can spend that much energy and time on doing that everyday.
The least I can do is play along.

See....something positive about Trump ⬇️⬇️

Hundreds Of Antifa ARRESTED In Portland By Feds! Justice Is Being SERVED As TRUMP WINS In Portland!

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