Listen to what this democratic governor is doing to this state. Trump was a businessman who entrusted a plan of action to his team led by none other than Dr.Fauci, who we know know is in bed with Big Pharma to mandate a vaccine, which will also include a chip or variation of such for every man, woman , and child on the planet. Can anyone say “New World Order”. Amirite?

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Fact: The covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective.

Myth: There are microchips in the vaccine.

Fallacy. This is conspiracy thinking. There are a lot of conspiracy theories around covid-19. Conspiracy theories are the realm of the intellectual scoundrel used by grifters to promote all sorts of fake products .

"They may also be entrepreneurs. Examples they listed include Brian Rose, David Icke, and Patrick Bet-David." Scott Gavura on January 21, 2021

Fact: Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective saving many lives, saving intensive care units, hospitalizations, and the economy.


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