Democrats seem to understand the concept of less is better. Like religion, you aren't converting anyone by endlessly posting your political opinions. amirite?

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aw someones butt hurt we post political posts, naw don;t change youre mind, don;t research, ignore the blatent signs just walk off the cliff like the compliant sheep you are

“Less is better”, so you made a post, butthurt makes you do things like that.
Nobody is trying to convert anybody, if that did happen, fine.
Some people (demos and Republicans) think that the one sided, biased MSM is the only news, it not even news, it’s opinions
No matter what Trump has done, that’s good, or what’s posted about him that is good, demos will just ignore it or write it off....because OMG its the evil racist hitler Trump, that MSM made them believe.

Anyway , why don’t you fire back with some good things about Biden........oh yea.

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