We should embrace the concept of fair tax.
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Fair tax is basically where we remove all taxes from necessity items, plus we remove income tax. Meaning when you get your check from work there will be no taxes taken from it. So let's say you get 1,500 a week but income tax chops it down to 1,100. With fair tax, you would get that 1,500 dollars to take home with no tax. Instead of taxing your paycheck, we would tax consumers whenever they buy something that isn't a necessity. For example, food and water, dentists and medicare has no tax. But in return, stuff like Tvs, Playstations, and Video games would be taxed. Consumers tax. Embracing this would also limit the size of the government, which is what the founders wanted in the first place. It means the government has less control over the people.

What do ya' think?

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