Horniness combats revulsion. The hornier you are the less you care about gross stuff. Because of the process of sex mostly involves things we'd ordinarily consider gross. amirite?

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One of the reasons why consent is essential

it's called a fetish. grow up

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@Montiexx it's called a fetish. grow up

No I'm not talking about fetishes. I'm talking about from a scientific point of view. Arousal lessens our ability to be grossed out.

They have done tests that show people who are aroused are much more likley to drink a drink with a fly in it than when not aroused.

And it goes further than that.
The examples I gave are common in even ‘vanilla' sex.

@Montiexx it's called a fetish. grow up

For clarificstion a fetish is described as sexual gratification attached to an abnormal desire towards a specific thing. Where as I'm talking about the average person and default sex.

Are you talking about banging ugly chicks??

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