If you even think you have had this horrible disease , YOU must do your part...and quarantine, amirite?

Quarantine 14 days is recommended for covid... But originally 40 days of quarantine was required for all ships to wait in port before allowing the dirty infectious saliors into port....these small precautions were developed centuries ago and insured your survival to this point which should have been the requirements for air travel ( which is the vessel for this virus) but because that would inconvenience the rich and it was much easier to blaim the peasents and tell them to stay home. In short if YOU have flown in the last 5 months for anything less then life saving surgery , you are pretty selfish and need to reflect upon your ego.... Just like those filty saliors you need to be responsible for the danger you put citizens in when you travil

Florida couple jailed for breaking quarantine despite having COVID-19 - Insiderhttps://www.insider.com/florida-couple-jailed-for-breaking-quarantine-despite-having-covid-19-2020-8?amp
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