The Republicans are already showing their true colors with the upcoming election with their false allegations of Biden's impending win. Too bad they can't accept the American people are tired of Trump's lies. amirite?

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Joe Biden is a proven racist! He made a racist statement the other day yet none of you seem to concerned about that. Your concerned about "all the bad stuff Trump has done", though he has done a lot more stuff that is good for this country than pretty much any other president. 1.8 MILLION jobs in July alone! He went to Ohio yesterday and got this company back on it's feet after changing around the trade deal. He increased our coal exports by 60% and our oil production is an all time high. Also, He withdrew from the Iran deal, which was very one sided. So when you see this, and compare it to say.... Obama, you can definitely see the difference in their efforts.

Biden's mental state is rapidly decreasing as well. There's actually a thought going around saying that he won't even make it to the election! It really makes me feel sorry for him, the democrats are using him to try and put across their agenda. Socialistic society, which hasn't worked anywhere before.

@AnonymousUser116 Joe Biden is a proven racist! He made a racist statement the other day yet none of you seem to concerned about...

It's the TDS they've developed, since Killary lost.
A lot of them will need new medication when Slo Joe loses.

Joe Biden is a racist, anyone that can't see that, chooses not to see it.
Like I've always said, demos try to project their racism on everyone else.

You can list the mile long list of Trumps accomplishments but demos don't like or want to believe them.
Their brains are jelly, from MSM telling them Trump is everything but what he really is.
Trump is also going to cut prescription drug costs and do away with payroll tax until the end of 2020.

Joe Biden is a puppet, I'm waiting for Killary to swoop in at midnight.
Doesn't matter what they do.
As angry as people were and showed it, when Killary ran for president.

The silent majority is now even angrier than that.
It's very easy to see how demos want to run things.
All these demo cities letting "peaceful protesters" destroy their cities, blaming and wanting to shut down the police force, making heroes out of thugs.

The demo world of chaos, keep the chaos going and tell the sheep to keep voting them in, so they can fix it.

Now that’s some good comedy.

I dare you to watch this video, so you can be reminded how MSM lied to you about Trump, but more importantly, how they lied to you and made you think, there was no way Hillary could lose.
I know you won’t watch it and it doesn’t matter because you’re getting fooled again.
Same MSM just Joe Biden to lie about, instead of Hillary.

I know Demos don’t like facts but that’s the flaw that’s going to get you, because everyone else does.

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