Only during a blackout do you realize that turning on the lights is a habit and not a choice. amirite?

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Yup. Done it twice within minutes of each other. Just give in. As long as you turn it to the off position when you leave the room as well, you're good.

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Growing we had a strict rule about turning the light off when you leave an unoccupied room. Most of the time it was just easier to walk around in the dark.

@JayTheDay That's pretty amazing, I always make sure to turn lights off

My dad was pretty stingy about everything. Except kids, he had 11 (eleven) of us.

@JayTheDay Oh my gosh that's a lot, my parents have 8 of us

TBF my step mom had 6 of them. He died of prostate cancer, but I don't think anyone can say he didn't get his use out of it.

Burning a candle is economical

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