Debates are pointless, they don't change anybody's mind and the people just get entrenched in the view they had in the first place. amirite?

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It depends on those involved. If you come in the conversation with the intention to learn, debate is useful.

Debates are actually good for those watching. I agree that if it's a real debate, with true believers on opposing sides, yes, neither will give in. But for the spectators, if they understand the rules of debate, they will have a chance to choose a side based on facts instead of feelings.

Not everyone already has their mind made up.

It was pretty boring watching Romney and Obama agree with each other for the entire foreign policy debate they had.

There are only few open minded people who will change their position, but I agree with you.

Debates, in this days, are for the memes.

You are correct sir

Gotta go with no on this.

That comes from no one ever having an original thought anymore...the systems has made you forget how to think for yourself..so you look to the experts to tell you..but the experts went to the same schools as you and are also dumb

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