Hey, now just a minute!  When they protest in front of Chicago Mayor Lightfoot's home, well... that's DIFFERENT, amirite?

Suddenly, she's concerned about safety and security... where was her concern when stores were being looted and burned, and people beaten up?  Oh wait... HER safety and security is all that matters.  LSM = Lightfoot's Safety Matters.
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I'm defending regular people against Antifa thugs and BLM thugs, unlike the Democrat mayors who let the thugs run riot... EXCEPT in front of THEIR homes, of course.

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Thats what it cost to be safe when they are in charge... We all sleep fine without that protection.why are they scared?? Funny thing is , its her job to make us feel safe without all that extra protection..whatever , sleep in the bed you made , right?

Do as I say, not as I do.
The same jack wagons that want to defund the police are the first to cry for them, when the "peaceful" protestors get to a personal level with them

Wonder how many of the citizens, will vote for that idiot again.
Have fun rebuilding your shithole city because Demos think, letting criminals burn it down is okay.

Next they'll have strip clubs for thirteen year olds, pop up in these cities....yea, that's why they want to defund the police.

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