All games' characters are actually buddhist, amirite?

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Didn't know mass murder was in the precepts but ok

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Sober up and talk to us in the morning.

Care to explain?

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@Ryanjmur Care to explain?

Transmogrification ( They respawn)

@Horsesaregay Transmogrification ( They respawn)

Huh. Not sure on the details of the Buddhist cycle of reincarnation, but ok.

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@Thatoneduderyan Re-incarnation, or respawning

Respawn is far from reincarnation...no one should have to face the endless torture of respawn...however life is seeming more and more like a simulation everyday , no??

No, buddhists don't respawn, they just believe in it, and even if they respawn, then not only buddhists respawn, christians and muslims are people too

Laughs in Permadeath

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