Who needs Photoshop when you can just take a frame of a video and claim it is someone else?
No, the man kissing, biting child in the latest smear campaign against Joe Biden is not Joe Biden!
The photo is authentic, but it shows Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, not Joe Biden.
Don't believe me? Look it up on sources you trust. There is a whole video clip of Andrés Manuel López Obrador kissing, biting the child that is now circulating around, even here.
But some think it's unfair that anyone on the other side of the coin speak up. amirite?

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aw someone is trying to defend a paedophile by trying to blame others, how typical of the nutty left

What you know, a demo finally did some research. (what about all of the other Creepy Joe, pictures and videos, did you research them?)

Now if you just used that same enthusiasm to research on the bullshit lies, told about Trump, you demos might learn a thing or two.

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