The terrioist..i mean... protesters need to make their demands clear so these peaceful towns stop getting invaded, amirite?

Seriously what exactly do YOU want besides making signs that say down with america and trump is a poopy head

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Their purpose is to cause chaos.
Biden approved.....just one more specialty group from the demos .
The KKK with different attire but the same motives......keep people divided with lies.

After Trump wins, they’ll fade away.
Demos will break out the conspiracy theories of why Trump won and start wasting taxpayers money on witch hunts.

They’ll waste taxpayers money for 4 more years on trying to impeach Trump, while actually accomplishing nothing productive for their demo party.

Then when it gets close to the next election, the demos flying monkeys will come out again, to stir up more chaos.
It’s a old tired playbook and they can’t seem to realize, why people are leaving their insane party.

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