It's funny they only tested people in the front rows. amirite?

Not only was it a tribute to propaganda it was a giant F*ck You to a lot of his support. They only test the front rows? So they care if the president gets sick but screw the people in the back.
It was also the most sleep inducing litany of lies even for Trump but that's what Trump events are.
Propaganda and lies.
I thought Trump would break his arm patting himself on the back for his failure to govern.
He again repeated the lie about passing the veteran's choice act which passed in 2014 and bragged about how great he was doing with 1000 deaths a day and the economy in a dumpster even after dumping trillions into the market.
I thought it was especially interesting when they started fear mongering about ending (if reelected) the increased violence and chaos that's going on across the country today.
Under the Trump admin.
Guess they didn't think that all the way through.

Are there really enough stupid people in this country to reelect a guy who stares at an eclipse?

99%Yeah You Are1%No Way
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Trump tries to tell you, you're watching fake news but you just wont listen.
Why would I listen to a pathological liar?
But you don't care about reality. You think the economy is doing great and 180,000 deaths is acceptable.
I imagine you think the Wis. shooter was justified in gunning down 3 people for no reason because he's pro Trump.
I think cons have brain damage. You have such a distorted view of reality it's a wonder you can make it through the day.

Conspiracies? Are you serious. So the mail isn't fucked up to suppress voting and the gag on CDC and dir. of intelligence on voter security isn't to suppress information.

Anyone with a brain is afraid Trump will be reelected. The country likely won't survive the damage he's already done.

Tell me that if Obama had done what Trump has and is doing you'd be OK with it
You guys flipped when he wore a tan suit for Christ's sake.

You are another mindless drone in the pro Fascist Trump cult. Everything bad is fake news and only Trump tells the truth. man, are you confused.

You're backing a guy who stares at an eclipse and thinks you can mainline Clorox. What is wrong with you?

Buh Bye Sleepy Joe.....back to the basement and take a nap.

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@urwutuis Why do you think Trump is doing everything he can to interfere with this election?

I don't think that.....you do, another "conspiracy".
Trump tries to tell you, you're watching fake news but you just wont listen.

After Biden Loses, you'll fall into the regular demo mode.

Challenge the election because the ballots can't be right, which will lead to demos wasting taxpayers money.
Say the majority of the country is racist( call everyone but demos a racist, like normal)
Continue the TDS for four more years, wasting god knows how much money again on witch hunts and trying to get Trump impeached.
Then, when its close to election time again, whip out BLM, Antifa, start the chaos all over again.
Its so predictable, it's ridiculous.

Keep watching MSM and believing in all of these "conspiracies", that are against the demos, let all those brilliant sports and Hollywood stars, tell you how it is.

Because the majority of the country, must be crazy...
Yea that's what it is, it can't be that people are sick of demos and there insane political ideas.

I understand, the "conspiracies" keep demos with something to blame, other than reality.
Don't worry you'll stay busy though.
Remember, that impeachment clock is still running.....tic..toc..tic..toc...tic..toc...

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