Civil wars generally start because people can't be civil to each other. amirite?

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Ahhh yes, the current state of American politics

"What's so civil about war anyway?"

Mainly unreconcilable differences.

Slavery - No Slavery

Communism - Czar

House of Plantagenent - House of York (Only one can sit on the throne)

Or because one large enough faction is completely unreasonable and needs to be cut out or suppressed. Civil wars have more in common with cancer than disagreements.

Well.... technically yes

Have to disagree. At the very heart of all mankind, is ego, pride, selfishness, wanting our own way. Some people simply don't want to be appeased, others are never taught respect - for others or themselves, Some people are never taught self-control, and others don't want to do the hard work of considering others, or being civil.

I guess the first one never ended...the money gap is more disrepectful then any social obstacles...salvery was never abolished they just changed the words... Minumun wage , tips, rent... The civil war never ended and never will , as long as theres civilization someone will oppose it or suffer from it

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