6 months later these dumb ass researchers have finally figured out "facts" that have nothing to do with covid and is general health common sense...obesity complicates everything, even wipping your own ass... We dont need studies, what is wrong with these scientist who waste our money on this pointless research...i didnt read this article because it would probably make me dumber, even the headline is dumb.Communities are affected completley equally by obesity, the study should be which communities are lazy and rely on doctors more.fat people receive more healthcare but die more because of dr$, amirite?

Researchers See Link Between Obesity and COVID-19 Cases (VIDEO)Researchers say obesity could be a reason certain communities have been harder hit for COVID-19 than others.https://www.newsy.com/stories/researchers-see-link-between-obesity-and-covid-19-cases/
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COVID will disappear after Nov 3.
If you’re one of these “peaceful protesters”, you never have to worry about COVID
It’s all about politics, anyone that doesn’t understand that by now, is a sheep.

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