Child porn is slowly being introduced to society, amirite?

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And, it's totally disgusting what is happening.

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This makes me sick...

Slowly? If you've been watching the progression of all this, it's coming very quickly. The distance between people being not ok with it and people being ok with it is incredibly short.

It's weird american "culture" seeping it's way into more educated places.

It's been slow, but now it's more blatant. I don't believe it's political necessarily, but I do believe that it's being introduced so it can become the norm. If someone is involved in taboo or abnormal activity (in the eyes of society), that activity, to them, becomes normalized and no longer taboo to the doer. So with CP being introduced progressively, it becomes normalized. I know when I was 12 girls didn't dress the way they do now. They would have been ridiculed. It's been happening for a long time, it has nothing to do with the current president. It's way above their head.

Thats because more kids have technology in their hands... you would be a fool to think that your 12 year isnt sexually curious.. Used to be you needed an adult to exploit kids , but with tech they film themselves... Its a very weird feeling being a teen looking at adult porn, i remember wondering why people my age werent being represented in porn, why was i as a kid forced to masterbate to adults???That might cause menal damage

It's to help out Bill Clinton and other Epstein islanders, when they go to trial.

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