Japanese culture is way better than American culture, amirite?

I keep telling myself I was born in the wrong nation. I’ve always loved Japanese culture. The Japanese are not loud, rude or annoying like so many in the United States are. Many people still live with and help their families when so many of us move out at age 18. Plus their food is healthier and looks amazing and so good. Their music is catchier as well, I love J-pop. Also, I find anime to be so beautiful, creative and well done. It’s my dream to visit Japan one day.

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Japan is #1 on my international wish-list as well. The video games out of Japan are a lot better too. How cool is a country that doesn't let a new Dragon Quest game be released on a work day because too many people would bail?

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The egg rolls are okay,.
Other than that......meh.

For white people...every culture is apperently better.... Also just like the rude americans....im sure japs would hate to see a foreigner try to change their beautiful culture

Different cultures doesn't mean one is better than another - just that they are different - like apples and oranges.

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