“You sure are quiet“ is a rude statement, amirite?

Ironically, people have gotten away with pointing out how quiet I am. It’s usually in front of other people. First of all, it’s embarrassing. Second of all I don’t talk much to you if I don’t know you yet. Third, unless you’re really concerned about me in that moment (which you most likely aren’t), how is me being quiet any of your business?

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Lol...I've been told that many times. Usually it's a filler people say in situations where they really don't have anything to say themselves but are too codependent to just go away.

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I have been told that but never was offend by it. I have times where I am quite and avoid the world, other time I don't know when to shut the hell up.

At least they are paying attention enough to notice that you are quite...most people don't care

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