If baby boomers want millennials to understand them, they can stop making it so one sided and stop criticizing them, amirite?

“The younger generation are always on their phones or iPads”
“The younger generation doesn’t know how to play outside”
“The younger generation doesn’t know how to survive”

Ok sure, it’s a mystery why so many millennials are rebellious toward baby boomers when they constantly make them feel bad for being new and modern. I think this is how baby boomers cope, they don’t like change or modern technology.
It’s jealousy that we’re advancing in ways they never got. I’m not saying all baby boomers are this rude but most of them can be quick to judge.

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When actually millies should be upset at the boomers...they were allowed to make all the mistakes without punishment...their generation is why we have car insurance, credit scores, intrusive government, drug laws and obesity. .. And currently they are exactly the reason you are forced to stay inside on your devices... Maybe THEY should show YOU a little respect for wearing your mask for them ... They had a great half a century ...i wish they would help us have ours

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