In school the other day, -- yes I am still in school and probably way to politically active for my age.-- I heard a few of my peers say, "Biden is going to raise your taxes," and, "Biden is a pedophile," and one of the funniest ones, "Bill Gates made the Corona Virus." Seeing that even one of the most liberal places with the most liberal people has people, and kids at that, speaking good of Trump was hopeful. It shows just how bad Biden is for America. Amirite?

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Trump is going to Slaughter Slow Joe, aka Kamala.
Trump is going to get a larger amount of the black vote than any other president has.

He's done more for the black community (positive, that is) than Obama could have done if he was president for 20 years.
Obama did what he set out to do, ramping up racial division.

More people are waking up to the lefts "You ain't black" mentality.

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It shows you can't fool all the people all the time, not even if they are students being fed lefty propaganda in the schools.

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