Mark Levine on Parler, "To Biden: voters did pick the president and the president will pick the next Supreme Court nominee. His name is President Trump. Now, why don’t you tell your party and voters that their threats of violence are intolerable and admit to the public that you’ve taken every side of this issue over the years. Why don’t you definitively state that every president has nominated candidates WHENEVER vacancies to the Court occur. Why don’t you tell Schumer and his ilk that you won’t support adding seats to the Court for the sole purpose of packing it with radical Democrats. amirite?

And why don’t you tell Obama and Hillary Clinton that you’re your own man and you don’t need them speaking for you or your party? You won’t do any of these things because you are Joe Biden — a lying, weak, self-serving, low IQ, lifelong DC politician desperate to win the presidency at any price.

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Doesn't look good right now for Trump's nominee.

I'm not a gambling person but I would put a bet on there being free chocolate sundaes served on the Moon , on Wednesdays and Fridays (with sprinkles) before I would bet on Sleepy Joe (or Kamala) becoming president.

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Slow Joe will never tell his "party and voters that their threats of violence are intolerable,"
unless of course his handlers behind the scenes check the polls and find that the looting and burning are hurting their chances.

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