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This platform is a great way to freely express ourselves . i want to thank you for letting me express my warped point of view... I know i can get offensive sometimes and i just want to say sorry. my goal is not shock or upset. The truth does that on its own. I am mearly trying to reveal some insights into a mind you might never know exsisted. Clearly i have a problem , and i expect you all to be brutal in your evaluation because even though i might not like what you have to say i truly do value your opinion, even if i dont take the advice, amirite?

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That was big of ya to say you're sorry. Not gonna lie, some of your stuff triggers my PTSD and without even realizing it because I am consumed by anger I tend to bite your head off. I'm not proud of my actions by no means therefore I owe you an apology for your post the other day.

My mama is a sensitive subject and mixed with the emotional bs I have to put up with, I just exploded.

I know that nobody is perfect and everyone has different takes on subjects.

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