Nancy Pelosi is saying that if Trump fills the empty seat, then she would try and impeach him again.
1~ The president is supposed to and has, in the past, filled any empty spaces.
2~ What would they impeach him for? The left's only plan of action is impeach. And that, in my opinion proves that they aren't fit for office even more. They try to solve all of their problems by impeachment. Though if your problem is another country than what are you supposed to do? This whole "Impeachment" thing is stupid. Amirite?

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Lefties are all for filling the vacancy if the WH resident is a lib.

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What’s new? That’s all those lefty idiots know how to do, is waste taxpayers money and time.
After Trump is re-elected , they’ll start their 4 year impeachment plan again.

Loony lefties are just sinking their own ship, they’re so desperate it’s comical.
Killary still has steam rolling out of her ears, from losing in 2016 but she says Trump wouldn’t accept it if he lost.
These idiots are always trying to project what they are, onto someone else.

Nasty Pelosi should be somewhere playing bingo or working at a haunted house, instead of continuing to accomplish nothing as a “ politician”.

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