Everything of mine gets downvoted. I don't care if this thang says "Amirite" It's not about that. I just wanted people to laugh at my things and say funny! Click yeah, you are if you think I make good posts. amirite?

74%Yeah You Are26%No Way
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The voters have decided that Sillypuns is right! Vote on the post to say if you agree or disagree.

Thanks, Lil_Princess. :)

Don't worry about it... the downvotes are mostly fake, done anonymously using proxy servers, so that one individual can vote multiple times.
Some posts get over 100 downvotes... there aren't 100 active users on this site, anonymous or registered. biggrin smilie

Thinkerbells avatar Thinkerbell Yeah You Are -2Reply

Its nothing you are doing wrong...sadly it's a banned c u next Tuesday that is trying to make people just as miserable as they are.

Keep posting

Lil_Princesss avatar Lil_Princess Yeah You Are -9Reply
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