Who even cares about the proud boys...their not the ones causing their cities to burn... Antifa are the fascists, but me calling them nazis would just confuse the unemployed class, amirite?

President Trump Finally Condemns All White SupremacistsPresident Trump went on Hannity's show and finally denounced all white supremacists.https://www.tmz.com/2020/10/02/president-trump-finally-condemns-white-supremacists-proud-boys/
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Trust me, they might’ve “bullied” but Trump didn’t feel bullied, the least bit.
Arguing with idiots that want to hear you say something, you’ve already said about a dozen of times, is a waste of time and will make the idiots look bad.

They’re desperate and it’s all they have to keep regurgitating.
If you ain’t a loony lefty, you’re a racist.
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They bullied " threatened" our president to force an opinion on him....the news is disgraceful

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