The most apologetic people are normally the people who have done the least wrong. amirite?

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cause their so innocent that they rarely need to apologise

I think I read somewhere recently that if someone is overly apologetic they were probably raised by a narcissist.

I can't relate more with something

That's why British people apologize a lot, because we are the most innocent... Cough

Because "I'm sorry" is WAY too overused, I only use it for stuff I seriously need to apologize for or something I feel really bad about. Other than that, deal with it

Nah the most apologetic people are the ones who get bullied all the time

I have several Canadian friends. This checks out.

Sometimes this is true but I used to know a girl who admitted she did it to trick people into thinking she was nice and turned out to be a downright evil manipulator so I dont trust that anymore.

Children of angry parents will do this as adults. Its an appeasement and diffusion tactic, we apologize even if nothing is our fault as a way to calm the aggressor down.

Also if you were constantly blamed for everything wrong that happened growing up you will also apologize unnecessarily.

i my case not really... i was always such a horrible person. i go through point during the day where ill be rly shy and like an hour later ill be one talking the most in class. usually it depends on the class. but idk... sometimes when im upset i'll just kinda shut up

Sorry, didnt mean to respond

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@MushySpotlol No problem, sorry. My bad.

Uh terribly sorry, didnt mean to be sorry. Sorry, bye.

I'd like to say this is true but i'd be lying

Some people fail to learn the difference between a strong argument and strong feelings. They tell you their opinion tell they're blue in the face, pulling out their hair wondering, "why on earth haven't you given up? For 18 years I eroded my parents' resolve, now it's your turn." Eventually being right feels more like their favorite toy than anything else, and you can't have it unless you ask nicely.

By nature, they're extremely unapologetic and completely lack empathy.

I've had some success responding "You're forgiven!" to unnecessary apologies. If it's warranted, it feels good to be forgiven. If it's something that makes no sense for me to forgive, it highlights that it was something I didn't need an apology for in the first place.

I'm feeling kind of attacked here... sorry.

...but ironically have the most to lose as well.

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I refuse to apologise. I'm sorry, that's just who I am.

Canadians win....sorry!

Yeah, sorry

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"Why are you apologizing if you didn't do anything wrong?"

"Ah! Sorry! Didn't mean to confuse you, my apologies."

Fingers crossed I never get arrested.

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@Iamalgend "Why are you apologizing if you didn't do anything wrong?" "Ah! Sorry! Didn't mean to confuse you, my...

I'm not apologizing for doing something wrong, I'm preemptively apologizing for any possibility you might take any of my actions in a way that makes you ever so slightly uncomfortable in any way.
Just making sure you know that if that happens it was not intentional, I'm just dumb not mean.

It's actually a Spanish speakin guy that doesn't understand what you just said

Sure seems that way. I see it as people who seek to repair relationships usually cause less damage to relationships.

Holy crap. That fits me exactly!

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