I think a better statement to make about race is this: It’s true some people in America are racist, but it’s unfair to call America racist as a nation. Amirite?

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There are people who are 'racist' all over the world - no country is immune to them.

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When millions of ILLEGAI aliens quit trying to sneak through our borders, I’ll stop looking at racism as being 95% a political tool.

When a white man in politics can tell black people, that he knows better of what qualifies a black person to be black, telling them “ if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” and is still allowed to run for president.....I can see how some might think we are a racist country.

America is far from being a racist country.
We just need to get rid of a bunch of the rusty, useless tools.

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We as americans have the freedom to be racist... Racist thoughts and lifestyles arnt illegal in free america..therefore we are proudly the most racist country

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