Getting super tired of the education these days. Amirite?

In my ELA class, yes ELA and not History, we have begun talking about segregation, sexism, and just racism in general. My teacher is somebody you can easily tell is a liberal, as many teachers are. She referenced her first period class and how she asked who their role models were. She told us many of them said that it was PewDiePie. She put that down in our class. Commenting on how he's a racist. In my opinion, let people have their role models and don't put down their opinions, as this is America. We had to write an essay on the sexism article, which referenced the women's soccer team and their salary. Just recently, we started to read about how two women paved their own way and opened their own businesses. I don't have a problem with that but I would appreciate learning about everybody's accomplishments and not just the women's. Anyway. There's also a girl who is a major BLM activist, I guess you would call it. She made a comment on Trump's COVID thing. She pretty much said that she wouldn't care if he died. Sorry for the rant, just need to let it out sometimes.

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