"Joe Biden is now openly lying about his fracking position, he will not release a list of possible Supreme Court nominees, he will not say if he’ll pack the SCOTUS, he has no serious plan for dealing with the coronavirus& he lies about plans to massively raise middle class taxes Of course, the media are covering for him. So, Biden lies and the media are lying for him. But Biden has raised a fortune in dark money and from billionaires, which allows him to saturate TV with false ads. We call that propaganda." - Mark Levine on Parler, amirite?

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Sleezy Uncle Joe has been lying for decades to the American public.

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Ask yourself one question.
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Sleepy Joe and lefties telling lies are the norm.

Joe Biden lies about telling far-activist he will end fracking.
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The day is coming for fake news, just another group of useful idiots, for the left.

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