It's laughable and predictable where someone is going to respond with a stupid meme and an unoriginal right wing conspiracy media type answer. The low IQ of these people is astounding. amirite?

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Not as laughable and predictable as what the banned doctrinaire lefties post anonymously.   biggrin smilie hehe smilie maniac smilie
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Wow...you must be in a lot of pain...bless your heart...all that stupid ya has gotta hurt

Even msm and some dems are getting tired of Nasty Pelosi.

CNN SlamsNancy Pelosi
YouTube video thumbnail

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DandyDons avatar DandyDon No Way -12Reply

biggrin smilie hehe smilie maniac smilie

I bet Sleepy Joe is ready to strangle his crackhead son.
The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree..... hehe smilie

Did Hunter Biden Film Himself Banging Underage Kids? -Re-Upload-YouTube video thumbnail

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