If a blind person hates you, it's based on who you are as a person. amirite?

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If a seeing person hates you for what you look like, it's based on who they are as a person.

As any other person

You know it's possible to be blind and a dickhead, right? Having a physical disability doesn't mean your immune from being a prick.

Clayton Bigsby would like a word.

So you're claiming a blind person can't possibly have prejudices because they lack vision?

It's not like the human has other senses and one of the most important ones being hearing, right?

A blind person doesn't magically have access to who you are as a person, they hear you, smell you or even see you by touch. All those signals are interpreted based on their experiences and own personality.

Believe it or not, blind people can even be racist.

...or how you smell.

@lakerz690 ...or how you smell.

Or sound or act or some other thing like nationality or religion.

They might just hate the sound of my voice.

@Nickyikky They might just hate the sound of my voice.

True. I'm having flashbacks of Janice from "Friends"... Yikes

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