Unless someone living with you is wasting their money on alcohol or drugs, it’s unfair to make good people who don’t do so pay rent, amirite?

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I genuinely want to understand. How is it fair to demand they pay rent? Not trying to argue I just want a logical reason. Isn’t that like me making a mess and then saying, You clean it up. Or me saying “Do my chores”?

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I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t be responsible. We certainly should. But to me this has still been judgmental. “Free loader” is basically name calling and a bullying slur.

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What about all of the parents who name call their adult children living with them as freeloaders? That’s emotional abuse right there. By the way thank you for this debate

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And see, I’m not referring to people like that. I’m talking about the people who actually need help, that it’s cruel to call those people freeloaders. We were made to be giving and help people without asking or demanding anything in return.

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